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BUSINESS DEPT.1 Screw air compressor filter element

BUSINESS DEPT.1(Filter elements) is integrated of R&D ,manufacturer, marketing the rotary air compressor filter elements and compressed air purification products as a line. There are many experienced experts and engineers specialized in the compressed air purification technology. These enable to provide the top technical support and service for the world famous brand air compressor.

BUSINESS DEPT.1 has produced more than 4000 types filter elements. In 2000, importing the top level technology and production equipments from Germany, and having the complete detection equipment in the compressed air suspension oil content test center and laboratories applying to ISO8573-96 standard, and reliable ISO9000 quality guarantee system. Thus ensure the product with stable performance, reliable quality and more competitive.

BUSINESS DEPT.2 Screw air compressor special lubricant, spare parts and service.

BUSINESS DEPT.2 (Lubrication and Spare parts) is composed by Shanghai Apureda Compressor engineering Co.; Ltd registering in Shanghai, China,and supply the air compressor lubrication、spare parts and service for customers

BUSINESS DEPT.2 has the first modernized and professional factory to produce screw air compressor special lubricant. In work site, using fully computer automation process control system, and establishing quality control laboratory with complete modern professional detection equipments and top air compressor entity test bench laboratory. We also set up PLC & control system technical center, and screw host technical center to complete the development plan.

BUSINESS DEPT.3 Desiccant air dryer,Refrigerated air dryer (30m3above)

BUSINESS DEPT.3 (Desiccant air dryer) is composed by Shanghai Apureda Insudtry Co., Ltd registering in Shanghai, China, and introduce the world first-class zero loss desiccant air dryer technology to provide the high-end equipment and service, and also provide environmental protection new refrigerated air dryer(30 m³ above)

BUSINESS DEPT.3 follow the energy-saving planning of Chinese government and push the industry upgrade of Chinese desiccant air dryer, and promote fast the development of the high end desiccant air dryer in China. We can also provide the compressed air post-treatment equipments which apply to various complex working condition according to customers’ requirements.

BUSINESS DEPT.4 Refrigerated air dryer,Pipeline filter

BUSINESS DEPT.4(Refrigerated air dryer) is composed by Shanghai Capitor Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd registering in Shanghai, China, and provide refrigerated air dryer、pipeline filter for the air compressor customers with the world cutting edge environmental protection technology.

In Xuhang district, Shanghai, BUSINESS DEPT.4 establishes production base to provide high efficiency & excellent quality professional service for customers with standard refrigerated air dryer production line (15 m³ below).