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To be advanced global resources of filtration solutions.
Hydraulic System

Effective hydraulic fluid filtration can make a dramatic improvement in the performance, longevity and efficient operation of your hydraulic systems. With flow-optimized design, highly-efficient filter media and the ability to remove extremely fine particles across a broad range of pressures, Apureda filtration products and systems work hard to prolong the life of both new and existing hydraulic installations.





Benefits of Using Apureda Elements:
• High Dirt Holding Capacities
• Low Pressure Drops
• High Efficiency Absolute Ratings
• Great Cost to Value Ratio
• Global Availability
• Supported Mesh Packs
• A Trusted Name in Hydraulic Filtration for Over 15 Years
• A Single Source for all of your elements




– Filter media for a number of applications
– Made of micro glass, filter paper, wire mesh, fleece material and metal fiber fleece
– Cleanable filter media
– High contamination retention through multi-layer fiberglass technology
– Low initial pressure differential
– Complete range
– Worldwide sales
– Product and user support by fluid and filter analysis (residue analysis)

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