To be advanced global resources of filtration solutions.
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Enterprise culture is the value concept that enterprise believes in and puts into practice, and also the soul of enterprise. The core competitive power of enterprise comes from the uniform idea, and shows the inner centripetal and cohesion force of enterprise, and it is also the source power to drive the enterprise development. Enterprise culture reflects the values, attitudes and action style of enterprise.

Enterprise culture & enterprise strategic

Enterprise culture serves the enterprise strategic goal by the way of providing idea & action standard.

The significance of building enterprise culture

Idea & behavior of Apuredanass come from enterprise culture

The purpose of the construction of corporate culture

To "Apureda" ideal for the pursuit of career goals

To "Apureda" code of conduct for the means of action.

Foundation of enterprise culture

Uniting the staff, guiding them to identify enterprise goal and combine it with their own life pursuit, training them to understand enterprise policy, adjusting the relationship between individual and individual, individual and team, individual and enterprise.

Function of enterprise culture

Direction function, Brand function, Cohesion function, Encourage function, Restrain function, Radiation function

Enterprise values

Enterprise values is the value orientation of enterprise and staff, and also judgment standard. Having this standard, staff will know what is important and what is dispensable; what should do and what should not to do; what should be treasured and what should be abandoned.

Concept identification system ( MI ) interpretation

Enterprise mission

Lead industry upgrade, compare to the world peak

Apuredaness devote themselves to the purification cause for humankind. Aiming at the world top technical standards, and exerting their own advantage to promote continuously industry upgrade and make Apureda brand more famous in the world. It is the Apureda mission to provide fully the perfect purification solutions service for customers.

Business field

Devoting to providing the optimal cost-effective filtering equipment and perfect filtering system solutions for customers

Insisting on the innovation of management and technology, building the long-term core competitive power of enterprise, focusing on the filtering industry, strengthening compressed air filtration, developing engineering machinery filtration and industry dust-collector filtration, considering the related business, devoting to providing the optimal cost-effective filtering equipment and perfect filtering system solutions for customers


To be advanced global resources of filtration solutions.

Apureda not only provides first-class products and service, but also promotes its own comprehensive R&D capability. Keeping on the advantage of product quality and management, fully using all resources, strengthening present business, seeking the new profit increasing point and expanding continuously its own business field through deep dynamic analysis on business environment, striving to be a multiplex enterprise group with one major industry and several minor industries.

Enterprise spirit

Diligence Integrity Modesty Innovation

"Diligence" reflects the Apureda spirit. Apuredaness believe "God helps those who help themselves", and always makes the diligence as the first important element to get ahead, and Apureda wins customers' respect due to Apuredaness' diligence.
"Integrity" reflects Apureda moral character. Apuredaness believe that honest is the base of market economic, and keeping integrity is the necessary element of long time cooperation. Apuredaness say no to wangle.
"Modesty" is Apureda work style. Apuredaness always keep on the modesty attitude and focus on the ever-changing business environment, and learn continuously.
"Innovation" is Apureda progressing power. Apuredaness take itself as the biggest competitor, and creates a better future with continuous innovation.

Core values

Value comes from quality, brand comes from character

World brand derives from high quality products and service, which derives from high quality staff. The operators of Apureda always take quality, honesty, value and satisfaction as foundation. The strict self-discipline and excelsior character of Apuredaness create the first class products and service, and the brand "Apureda"enjoy a good reputation in the filtering industry. Apuredaness believe that the world will be changed if you have the determination to create the great cause and the spirit to deal with every detail as world-class standard at work.

Society value:

Provide optimal cost-effective products & service

Product concept:

Leading technology, top quality

Relying on excellent R&D capability, Apureda transfers innovation to creative products. Increasing the technology content of products, developing new type cost- effective products to satisfy ever-changing requirements of customers, thus, the core competitive power of enterprise is enhanced continually.

Marketing concept:

Market forerunner, ultra-value service

Apureda always takes the market orientation as marketing idea, and adapts the market trend, and grasps market demands, and provides ultra-value service. Meanwhile, Apureda fully considers customers' benefit and cooperates sincerely with suppliers, deputies, end users and government departments to realize all-win.

Talented concept:

Revere wisdom, rely on person

The staff is the best capital in enterprise and the source of development. Relying on the staff is Apureda's unalterable policy. Apureda strives to promote the material and cultural life quality of the staff. The realization of the staff self-value is the uniform goal of Apureda. With the development of enterprise, Apureda builds a wider platform to help the staff to realize their own value.

Financing concept:

Innovative development, cost leadership

Under the premise of developing new profit increasing point and business, Apureda try to reduce the cost and become the leader in the competition, thereby gain the continuable low-cost advantage

Environment concept:

Energy conservation, harmonious development

Apureda emphasizes the staff should pay close attention to the details and trifles at work, and actively builds economical enterprise, and enhances the core competitive power. Meanwhile, Apureda tries to reduce the consumption of non-renewable energy, and balance the relationship between present and future, part and integer, and pursue the harmonious development between enterprise and surrounding.

Enterprise ethic:

Justness& Integrity,Thanksgiving heart

Apureda has gained notable achievement through hard work and innovation, and it is due to Apuredaness' belief: Justice, Integrity and Modesty, Honest. Apuredaness always appreciate everything from heart, even facing the trouble or difficulty. Just because of the belief: Justice, Integrity and Honest, Apureda can develop quickly and healthily.


World brand, filter expert

According to the present industry foundation and the business environment analysis of domestic & foreign, Apuredaness have the confidence and capability to create world -class "APUREDA" brand

Enterprise creed:

Talk with carefulness and work hard

Apurednass focuses more on the action and try to satisfy customer demand with faster speed, more excellent quality products and more satisfactory service. Apurednass believes "So said ,so done".

Enterprise commandment:

Mistake is allowable, but the same mistake is not allowable

Apureda respects humanity. Everyone may make mistake, and mistake is not terrible. Getting the lesson from the mistake and avoiding the same mistake is allowance.