To be advanced global resources of filtration solutions.
APUREDA means "Achieving PURE & Dry Air". Apureda originates from this sentence. That also represents our business scope is purification and dryer. Purification is on behalf of filters and the dryer stands for air dryer. We devoted to providing the whole set solution for air compressor system to our customers. We not only take care of purification.but also focus on post treatment of air. That is our APUREDA's target .

A,P,D, these letters' basic graph are three rounds whose center lie at the same line, have the meaning of motivating each other.

Round, has the meanings of full, smooth, lucky.

The blocks inside the three rounds are the pure air which lives depend on. Blocks also mean the ideas shared by the stuff who take the responsibilities of purify, environmental protection, and whose hearts gather around Apureda.

Three letters close together inseparately show the motivations each other between product and marketing,"Apureda"and clients, "Apureda"and clerks.

A,P,D stand for "Apureda",clients , clerks , who unite closely for creating "Apureda"to been the top brand in purification industry.

A & P, these two letters are designed as one key , the letter D seems like the hole of door.

The whole graph means "Apureda"opening the door of compressed air purify, the door of marketing rely on the most competitive product, technology, service.

Apureda Green
Green has the color feature of pure, environmental, power.
Green gives birth to lives, prospect. Green means that the whole full of rational confidence.

Apureda Black
Black has the color feature of pure and honest, far-reaching, steady.
Black means the steady roots, pragmatic attitude. Black is the spring of all the beauty things.

Apureda Orange
Orange has the color feature of enthusiasm, flexible, leap.
Orange means the mature plentiful, happy of gain. Orange is all the fruits come from hard working.